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May I say that all of the rites you have done for us have come to full fruition“!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you, Margaret.

Hi David,
“Wow! The spell worked within a week!
He returned out of the blue…
Thank you so much”.


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Hello david
Just wanted to let you know.the spell you have cast for me. Has come true and he returned just today.
Kind regards


Hi David.
I hope this email finds you well?
I just wanted to thank you..
It’s been hard but guess what!!
I met a man and he’s proposed and we are so happy, it’s like we were always meant to be..
Finally found my soul mate…
If ever anyone doubts you and your spells then just refer them to me.. I no longer get your alerts for your videos, so thing that has worried me.
You, kept my hopes and dreams alive.
I can’t thank you enough

Love Sally K.


In reply to sally.

Hello again Sally, thank you for your lovely letter. I am truly thrilled that you have found the happiness you so deserve.

Love and light, David.


You are the best patience is a virtue ???


Dear David

Hope you are keeping well. Last night I had a surprise visit from Steven ?
Thanks to you it was so lovely.

Many thanks



David things seem to be looking up since you did the curse removal spell. Although I am sleeping a lot and feeling very tired and lethargic a lot of positive things are happening around me. Thank you so much for making things a little brighter for me!!

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