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May I say that all of the rites you have done for us have come to full fruition“!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you, Margaret.

Hi David,
“Wow! The spell worked within a week!
He returned out of the blue…
Thank you so much”.


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i’ve tried many spell caster,

i’ve tried many spell caster, but nothing has happened so far. i bought a love spell from David yesterday after looking at all the awesome testimonials. I’m putting all my hope on this.

I hope this works!



Most Powerful Man in World

David is a very Powerful Witch I have been a client of David since 2013 he helps me fight Demonic attacks curses that are thrown to me by a very evil woman with every ritual David does I get relief within one second others with me say he has power of God I had a macular hope after 9 years it was getting worse David have me sight I’m blind eye Optician checking eye nearly fainted he said you have very thick deep macular hole how on earth can you see letters this man is very powerful thisan is Rare but one in this world he charges less then quarter to what other witches charge with no phone number or address he is a very kind man he helps me without fail every single day fighting demonic attacks how very kind of him

Aruna Dosaj


My second time going to David for Help,My reading was spot on that i had done last year, I’ve also had a curse removal thank goodness i fount you David, would not of been a good outcome for me without you and your Magic, and the care you have with the different situations
If your not sure give him a go, you have everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose,
David can help when there are no more options left, Amazing Man, Thank you David all my Love.


Dear Mr Charles,

A very long while ago, I asked you for your help. I was in an abusive and violent marriage.and i asked for a spell to help me.
Well i am just writing to thank you, I found the courage and strength to leave the relationship, it took a while, but things fell into place to to help me.a job, a place to live and trusted friends.
I have been free now for over a year,and I’m in a really good place,its not been easy but i had amazing support.
So i wanted to say a very big thank you, for the spell.
Bright blessings to you.x


Thank you so much for your work! I am already seeing a difference, he is much calmer already and recovering. Again really thank you, you have a great gift!


Diana S.T.

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Stardust Spells UK is a subsidiary of :-

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