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May I say that all of the rites you have done for us have come to full fruition“!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you, Margaret.

Hi David,
“Wow! The spell worked within a week!
He returned out of the blue…
Thank you so much”.


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Everlasting love

Wow, what can I say. After reading through the spells that were available and taking careful consideration I decided on seeking the help of David and his team in helping myself and my ex partner return into each others arms. Like all things new I was sceptical about things at first but David helped put those fears at ease and encouraged myself to relax and let the spell work naturally. He wasn’t wrong either and his work is second to none. David and his team are truly wonderful people. I for one could not recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much to David and your team I can never ever repay you for what you have bought to me. Thank you

Steve, Derbyshire


Soul mate …. Found!

Greeting to David and the team. Hope all are well. I requested a soul mate spell after being single for four years and despairing of ever finding “the one”. The spell took a little longer to work than I thought but it did work! I have now been with my other half for 3 months and we had an instant love connection when we met. We both agree that we have found our soul mates. We have moved in together and are planning on getting married in the next couple of years. I have never been this happy in my life and I owe it all to David. Thank you so much, you have saved me from a very lonely existence.

Teresa Beresford

Greetings from Florida

Dear David:
Greetings to you & all of yours over in North Devon, UK from Florida. Today has been overcast & cloudy so far.
I wanted to give you an update on David & I. Since you have completed everything for us, the pace of wonderful things in our lives has crescendo immensely! It just gets better & better everyday. Even my meditations & tuning into the light has increased dramatically!
You & your Coven are truly a gift to the entire world! I am so blessed to have found you.
Love & Blessings to all of you!

Love & Light,


Eternally grateful. Thank you David.

My long term marriage was seemingly at an end after my wife suffered a breakdown and wanted a divorce. She had left the family home and was living away from me and our children. Despite all my efforts to help her recover and try to salvage the marriage she was not interested in reconnecting with me. It was a truly hopeless, miserable situation. And I mean truly hopeless.
I contacted David as a last resort to be honest having tried everything I could to get my wife back without success. He was very understanding and showed great compassion. I requested he perform a Coven spell as my situation was so dire and they are the most powerful spells he casts.
Not a lot happened at first but David explained the spells can take time to work, especially if the situation is a difficult one. Being impatient I requested another a couple of weeks later despite David requesting I give the first spell time to work and insisting my wife would return in time.
Well it took a while but I am writing this testimonial with my wife back home, not wanting a divorce and looking forward to a fresh start. It is an unbelievable turn of events and I can think of no explanation other than that David’s spells work! It’s truly amazing.
I also had a couple of readings with David whilst hoping for my wife’s return. He was spot on with the information given, even telling me when my wife would come home.
I can’t recommend David enough. He was patient, empathetic and offered good advice in what was a very difficult time for me. Above all what he said would happen has happened.
If you need help in your life get in touch with David. You have everything to gain!


Overwhelmed with gratitude!!!

David performed a spell to help me reconnect with a romantic interest, after we had had a misunderstanding. I felt certain my love interest would not want to give it another go , as he had not responded to my messages and it seemed very final indeed . But within 36 hours of David performing the ritual , my love interest got in touch and we are going to try again .
David responded quickly and with great empathy to my messages . I am so grateful to have found him and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in love .
Thank you so much David

E. Marshall

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