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Welcome to Stardust Spells, the first and only genuine website with that name. Established by me David Charles in 1988. I do not work with anyone else in witchcraft, I never have and never will. Please be wary of fraudulent copies and people who claim to work with me. 

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Thank you David, I am already starting to see results ? Your work is much valued and appreciated”.


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If you would like absent healing for yourself or a loved one, just call me on BT line 01409 24 00 25. I do not charge for this service.

March 8th 2018.
Dear David, my reading I had with you today was Amazing. Every thing you told me is correct, about my Family Myself and friends what is happening in the present, and what to look out for in the near future. I was blown away with how spot on you was. The care and compassion David showed me was as if I had known him for years, that I could Trust and open up due to his privacy as his client. David is a TRUE psychic, the spell he has done for me, 3 weeks ago, worked Instantly. Thankyou so Much, I’m so happy and relived. He is 100% accurate. What A Gift this man has got.
You Have everything to Gain, and nothing to loose.

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Love and light to you today and always, David.

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Stardust Spells UK is a subsidiary of :-

David Charles Psychic Ltd.