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Welcome to Stardust Spells, the first and only genuine website with that name. Established by me David Charles DHP., FHRS., Chp. in 1988. Please be aware of illegal, fraudulent, fake websites who have stolen my name. I do not work with any other website in witchcraft, I never have and never will. Please be wary of fraudulent copies and people who claim to work with me. 

UK Based International, Master Of Witchcraft.

(With a world beating, two hundred and ninety plus genuine testimonials here on this website), no other witchcraft website on the internet has anywhere near as many.

My YouTube channel  has over 17,000 followers. With almost three quarters of a million hits in the last six months. Please click and take a look :- Psychic David Charles.

Founder and Director of David Charles Psychic Ltd and The Old England Tarot School. As seen in (Spirit & Destiny) (Take a Break, Fate & Fortune) and (Soul & Spirit) magazines. Regular B.B.C. radio guest.

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Remember:- A genuine witch spell caster will always have proper land line contact telephone numbers (not just an anonymous mobile number) so that you can call and speak to them personally. You should also beware of websites who offer just a contact me box and no real phone number. An anonymous mobile phone number and a contact me box is just not good enough!

David Charles Psychic Ltd.

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