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Christmas Gift 1

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Booster Spell

Christmas Gift One – £55

This spell is designed to bring love, happiness and peace to a home and all who live there. It is the perfect Christmas gift for a home that has been going through some bad times. It can bring harmony over the wonderful Christmas time and throughout the year ahead. Get ready for the best and most peaceful Christmas ever.

Christmas Gift Two – £55

This is a unique gift will bring good fortune to someone you care for. If the person or persons you are thinking of have been having some bad luck in recent times, then what could be a better Christmas gift from you? This caring spell will be performed just for your chosen person or persons and it will be designed to help the wheel of fortune turn in their favour.

Once again you can if you desire have the ritual performed without them ever knowing.


Christmas Gift Three – £55

If someone you know and care for have been experiencing love and relationship problems, then this will be the perfect Christmas gift for them to show you truly care. It will be designed to help and  rekindle the love between them, re-create the bond between them and remove any and all outside negativity and interference. Christmas is all about love, so what better gift could you think of?

Booster Spell – £45

There are sometimes occasions when a spell is taking a long time to produce the desired results. Whilst this is very unusual it can sometimes happen, particularly if there is a lot of outside interference or if things had become too difficult before the original spell was cast. Your booster spell will be performed using totally different ritual methods and more powerful ingredients. This spell is especially helpful when there may have originally been a curse in place.

David Charles Master Of Witchcraft
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