Student Spells

Your Student Spells.

These are your perfect solution if your are studying in any way at all. You may be at University, Nurse training, or just learning to drive. Your student spell choices are designed for any form of studying by people of all ages.*

To order just click on the (Buy Now) button for your chosen spell and follow the simple instructions.

Once you have ordered your spell(s), I will personally email you for some further information i.e. star signs of those involved etc. Upon completion of your spell, I will never store any of your personal details.

Improve Your Memory Spell

Sports And Athletics Spell

Booster Spell

Psychic Readings

Improve Your Memory Spell – £45

If you are having difficulty with your studies, revision, or even your motivation? Then this spell is here to help you. This lovely spell will help to improve your recollection and memory abilities. This spell will help you to store and recall facts, figures, names and places, whether you are in the heat of an examination or just generally studying and revising.

Sports and Athletics Spell – £45

This spell is designed to help you achieve your maximum potential in all areas of sports, athletics, games and competition. I will cast this special spell that is designed to turn you into a winner. This very popular spell can also dramatically increase your self confidence, your self belief, your motivation for practice and your determination to succeed. Remember that whoever comes second is just the first of the losers. Get ready for the prize giving.

Booster Spell – £45

There are sometimes occasions when a spell is taking a long time to produce the desired results. Whilst this is very unusual it can sometimes happen, particularly if there is a lot of outside interference or if things had become too difficult before the original spell was cast. Your booster spell will be performed using totally different ritual methods and more powerful ingredients than I used in your first casting. This spell is especially helpful when there may have originally been a curse in place.

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