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Here are some special spells that I am sure will be of help to you.

To order just click on the (Buy Now) button for your chosen spell and follow the simple instructions.

Once you have ordered your spell(s), I will personally email you for some further information i.e. star signs of those involved etc. Upon completion of your spell, I will never store any of your personal details.

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Your Own Customised Spell

Your Own Customised Spell- Max Power

Engagement And Wedding Spell

Gay Couple Spell

Birthday Gift Spell

Booster Spell

Christmas Gift 1

Christmas Gift 2

Christmas Gift 3

New Baby Spell

Stop Worrying Spell

Become More Prosperous

Self Confidence


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“Just to say thanks for house sale spell had 22 viewings 2 offers house sold to buyer with no chain involved.”  Lester

Your Own Customised Spell – £45

Of course it would be almost impossible for me to list on my website all of the wonderful and beautiful rituals that you have to choose from, therefore you can customise your own spell if you don’t see one here that suits your needs and desires. Custom spells are often chosen by people who have very sensitive and private desires and needs. There may be things such as breast enlargements for the ladies, or perhaps help with things like erectile disfunction for the gentlemen. Just click the (Buy Now) button below and follow the simple instructions.

Your Own Customised Spell– Maximum Power – £90

Just as above, but much more intense and powerful.

Engagement and Wedding Spell – £150

This is your perfect and thoughtful gift for a newly engaged or married couple. This involves a very powerful ritual will be especially performed to reinforce lasting true love and happiness to a husband and his new wife, or same sex couple. The full rituals takes seven evenings to complete and is designed to seal the love for eternity between the loving couple and prevent any negative interferences in their new life together. You really could not give a more loving, caring and special gift to a couple who you genuinely care for. You can choose to tell them or allow it to remain your very special, complete and wonderful secret.

Gay Couple Spell – £150

Just like the Wedding spell the gay couple spell will bind the chosen couple together and completely remove any prejudice and outside negative interference.

It can be for two men or two ladies.

Once again as with the spell above, this ritual work takes seven evenings to complete. You can show the happy couple how much you really care, or just have the ritual cast for them in total secret.

Remember, a loving relationship, is a loving relationship!

Birthday Gift – £65

This wonderful and thoughtful spell can endeavour to encourage improvement in any area that you choose for the person you care for.

Whether it is for financial improvement, career prospects, love and romance, or any other situation, the choice is yours.

This lovely Birthday spell can be cast for a man, woman, a couple or even for a new born baby.

Booster Spell – £45

There are sometimes occasions when a spell is taking a long time to produce the desired results. Whilst this is very unusual it can sometimes happen, particularly if there is a lot of outside interference or if things had become too difficult before the original spell was cast.

Your booster spell will be performed using totally different ritual methods and more powerful ingredients. This spell is especially helpful when there may have originally been a curse in place.


Christmas Gift One – £55

This spell is designed to bring love, happiness and peace to a home and all who live there. It is the perfect Christmas gift for a home that has been going through some bad times.

This special spell can bring harmony over the wonderful Christmas time and throughout the year ahead. Get ready for the best Christmas ever.


Christmas Gift Two – £55

This is a unique gift will bring good fortune to someone you care for. If the person or persons you are thinking of have been having some bad luck in recent times, then what could be a better Christmas gift from you?

This caring spell will be performed just for them and it will be designed to help the wheel of fortune turn in their favour.
Once again you can if you desire have the ritual performed without them ever knowing.


Christmas Gift Three – £55

If someone you know and care for have been experiencing love and relationship problems, then this is the perfect Christmas gift for them to show you truly care. It will be designed to help and  rekindle the love between them, re-create the bond between them and remove any and all outside negativity and interference.

Christmas is all about love, so what better gift could you think of?

New Baby Spell – £45

This truly thoughtful and wonderful spell is the perfect gift for the arrival of a new child and the lucky parents. The ritual will be especially cast to bring about positivity, prosperity, health and good fortune throughout the life of the newborn child. This is your chance to show just how much you care with a completely unique gift at this very special and exiting time.

You can have this spell cast in total secrecy if you so desire.

Stop Worrying Spell – £45

Do you find that you are constantly worrying unnecessarily about all kinds of things? Are you lying awake for hours on end at night churning round and round unnecessary problems? Allow me to cast a spell for you that will  help to remove unnecessary anxiety once and for all. You can then start to enjoy your life without worrying about the small things anymore. Stop worrying about having something to worry about.

Become More Prosperous – £45

This spell has been designed to increase your income generally in all areas of your life. Whether it is an increase in your business and sales, a promotion at work with a better salary, or just becoming more lucky with your finances all round. You should find that each day is no longer just a struggle to exist.

Self Confidence – £45

Whether it be taking exams, public speaking, job interviews, or flirting with someone you like. This spell will increase your self confidence many times over. With the passing of time this new found self belief will also increase your happiness and help you begin to shine like a star. You will find that you are capable of successfully achieving almost anything that you turn your hand to.

It’s time that you reached your true potential.

Phobias – £45

Are you afraid of spiders, the dark, snakes, or anything else? This magic spell will help you to overcome any unnecessary or unfounded fears. It can help you to end the restrictions that may have been spoiling your life. It is time that you began to have some fun and enjoy your life the way you deserve to, without these unnecessary problems. With this lovely spell you can do exactly that.

Friendships And Popularity – £45

Do you feel left out by people? Are you finding it difficult to make new friends and to keep them? This white magic spell will increase your self confidence, whilst at the same time making a much more popular with your peers. It can help you to gain more true and loyal friends than you have ever had. You can at last become the life and soul of any party.


Free Blessing Spell Gift

Because of my love of white witchcraft, mediumship and all spiritual matters, I am offering you a special and unique opportunity of a free blessing spell for either you, your family for or anyone that you truly care for. You can find this free spell near to the bottom of my main spell list. This short spell ritual is designed to bring peace, harmony and happiness to you at absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. I must point out that this spell will not be as powerful as the ones you can choose on the my main spell list, but of course, those rituals can take many hours to complete. However, this spell has proven to be very popular and it can be highly successful in achieving some amazing and positive results very quickly.

Just enter your name and location boxes provided. Then send it to me by clicking the “Submit” button. I only need your general location. I do not need your full address or any private information.

You may have friends or a loved ones who have been going through a very hard time recently. If you would like me to help them then please share this free blessing spell information with them by simply clicking the (Share) button at the bottom of this page. By doing this for them you are also sharing the wonderful awareness of witchcraft and the powers of the Universe. Remember the three fold law of Karma,“The good things that you give out will re-paid to you three times over”. So please share this free blessing spell to show them that you really care and to treble the strength of the spell for yourself. You must not order this spell on their behalf, they must choose to do it for themselves, or the free spell will not work. So please just click the (Share) button below.


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