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Your True Love Spells

Your powerful true love spells will be cast especially for you with warmth, sensitivity, feelings, dedication, and of course love. You have a variety of highly effective and powerful true love spells to choose from below. Just scroll down the page. You may want your lover to return home to you or come back into your life. You may also desire a highly powerful binding spell to cement your true love forever. Perhaps you need to find true and lasting love from someone new. Maybe family members or friends are interfering and causing trouble between you and your lover. Has someone placed a curse on you or your loved one? 

It may be that you are just so very tired of feeling all alone and unloved. 
Don’t forget that all the money, wealth and riches in the world can not buy you love, but pure and beautiful white witchcraft can really bring true love to you.

Yes you can find real, true, genuine and lasting love in a safe and a natural way.

You do not need social media, internet dating agencies or lonely hearts clubs. All of these white magic spells have proven to be both very successful and extremely popular indeed.  You have many to choose from. Just take a look below to see if you feel that any of them would be suitable for you or for someone you care for. To order, you just click on the (Buy Now) button for your chosen spell and follow the simple instructions.

If you would like to speak to me in private about your problems and desires, just call one of the numbers on my (Contact Me) page. If I am free I will be pleased to chat with you. They are not premium rate numbers!

Please also read the (How It Works) section above and if you can, listen to my lovely lady who is waiting for you  there.

Don’t sleepwalk into your future!


So much has changed since we first met, but Lesley dear we must never forget, the troubles we shared, also the pleasure, friends we have known, memories to treasure.

Love ones we’ve both lost, just slipped away, homes made together, never to stray. Birthdays, Christmases, New Years too, so much to chat about, so much to do.

Love rolling on like a runaway train, holding together, taking the strain. Showing each other how much we care, for we both know life’s not always fair.

So reach for the sky, for soon we’ll be flying. Our love just grows stronger, while some loves are dying.

You light up my life just being by my side, the feelings within me, I won’t try to hide.

The years have flown by since this passion began. I’ll love you forever, my sweet Lesley Ann.

David Charles.

Customised Love Spell

Remove The Other Woman Or Man

Fall In Love

Become More Attractive

Return Your Lover

Keep Your Lover True

Binding Spell

Stop Interference from Ex-Lovers and Ex-Wives or Family Members

Find Your True Soul Mate

Sex And Intimacy

Turn Your Friend Into Your Lover

Family Disapproval

Commitment Phobia

Jealousy Spell



Max Power Love Spell


Same Sex Love Spell

Booster Spell

Psychic Readings

Hi David,
“Wow! The spell worked within a week!
He returned out of the blue…
Thank you so much”.

I guarantee that I will do my very best work for you and use only the finest ingredients at all times.

Customised Love Spell – £70

You can request your own individual customised true love spell and I will design and cast it for you with total dedication and care.

Remove The Other Woman Or Man – £85
Are you being betrayed, deceived or two-timed by your partner or the person who you love? Maybe there is a secret lover involved with him or her? Perhaps it’s someone who your partner works with. Maybe it’s a person who you once thought as a true friend who you could trust. Have they met  someone on Facebook?

Deceit and betrayal are destructive and at the same time, such terrible and painful experiences.

This special true love spell is designed to totally remove the other woman, man or even a gold digger. This will then help you to repair the love and romance you and your lover once held so dear.

Fall in Love – £45

Do you know someone who you are quite attracted too and would like them to fall in love with you? This may be someone you know at work, or perhaps someone you have only seen briefly and feel a connection with.

This powerful spell is designed to make you more attractive to the person in question and put some magic into your relationship. Thus enabling the person to fall in love with you. It is also a good choice for you if you want to meet that someone special.

Become More Attractive – £45

Would you like to become more attractive to members of the opposite is sex, or maybe to people of your own sex?

This true love spell will make you more attractive to other people and it will raise your self confidence in your desirability to potential lovers.

This magical spell is designed to bring about an improvement in both your love life and your friendships.

Return Your Lover – £45

Have you and the one you love gone through the heartbreak of splitting up? This spell is designed to reunite the two of you and exclude all others.  If your lover has not moved totally on and still has feelings for you, then this spell can certainly help to put your romance back on track and strengthen your love for each other at the same time. It is often the case that family, friends and negative outside interference have caused you to stay apart when you should really be together. This spell will also remove any negative people and influences that may be causing problems for the pair of you. Don’t stay alone and lonely any longer!

Keep Your Lover True to You – £45

If you believe that your lover has a roving eye, then this spell will be cast to stop others from seeming attractive to them. At the same time, they will begin to feel a strong emotional and loving bond with you.

This spell will help you to stay together for as long as you both wish.

Binding Spell – £95

The binding spell is designed to do exactly what its title implies and that is to bind two people together, almost like a marriage. This is of course what most people who feel  true love really desire.

Stop Interference from Ex-Lovers and Ex-Wives – £45

Is your lover’s ex-partner or girlfriend, mother, family or anyone else causing you relationship problems? If so, then this spell can put a stop to it forever.

I will cast this spell just for you to place a barrier around both you and your lover, thus preventing all outside interference from any third party. This of course will make the two of you become even closer with the passing of time. Please give your lover and yourself a better chance of true happiness by removing outside trouble makers with this highly successful spell.

Find Your True Soul Mate – £45

Is your heart broken? Are you fed up with being let down, cheated on or used? This spell is designed to help you meet your true soul mate and the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life. At last you can find this person without the aid of dating agencies, internet websites or blind dates.

If you are looking for a certain type of person who you can love and trust for ever then this spell is for you.

Young couple at sunset.

Sex and Intimacy – £45

Perhaps you would like to dramatically improve your sex drive or maybe that of someone close to you. This spell will increase your libido, or that of a person of your choice. This is a wonderful addition for any new or existing relationships.

This brilliant spell is designed to make you more sexually attractive at all times, wherever you are and who ever you are with. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, a woman, young or old. Yes you can spice up your sex life very quickly.

This lovely spell is the ideal choice for men who are having erectile difficulties or similar problems.

Turn Your Friend into Your Lover – £45

Do you have a close friend, who you are secretly attracted to? Perhaps you would like this friend to become a little bit more than just a friend.

This spell has been specially prepared and designed to create changes that may make your friend look at you in a different way. They should begin see you as very desirable and attractive. As time passes by you may become closer and closer as the love begins to grow between you both.

Family Disapproval – £45

Is your family not too keen on your lover? This spell is designed to soften their hearts and help them to accept your chosen person. Your friends will also begin to see the good points of your lover. This loving spell will  also help if it is your lover’s side that do not like you.

This is a very powerful spell and so you may soon be hearing the sound of wedding bells.

Commitment Phobia – £45

Is your partner afraid of commitment? This will will help them to forget any previous upsets and heartbreaks and so allowing them to give all of their attention to you and to only you. It will also help them to leave their past lovers in the past where they belong. They will soon be ready to show full and total commitment to you and to you alone.

Jealousy Spell – £45

Are you the subject of jealousy, back stabbing or even bulling? This wonderful spell will help to remove all forms of envy and spite from outsiders. It does not matter where they come from, whether it’s at work or socially. You will soon gain the respect that you so deserve.


Spitefulness – £45

If there somebody you know who is not very nice to you? It maybe someone you work with, a person in your social group, or even your mother in law. This lovely spell will make them see all of the good points that you have, and consequently they will become much kinder to you. It’s time you stopped feeling intimidated.

Self Confidence – £45

Whether it be taking exams, in sport, public speaking, job interviews, or flirting with someone you like. This spell will increase your self confidence many times over. With the passing of time this new found self belief will also increase your happiness and help you begin to shine like a star.

With the help of this spell you will find that you are capable of successfully achieving almost anything that you turn your hand to with total confidence.

It’s time that you reached your true potential!

Maximum Power Love Spell – £85

This is the second most powerful natural love spell that I cast for you – after the binding spell and the exclusive spells. The effects are at least twice as strong as all of my other love spells and it will be customized to suit your own special needs. This awesome spell will ensure that you are soon overflowing with love, passion and desire.

Respect – £45

Do you sometimes feel left out of conversations? Do you sit alone in the corner at parties and social events? This spell will make you much more liked and respected by all of the people that you come into contact with.

This is one of my most popular and sought after spells.

Stop feeling left out!

Same Sex Love Spell – £45

This is an extremely popular spell and it is highly effective in bringing genuine happiness to gay and lesbian relationship situations. In the eyes of the universe we are all equal whether male or female and a loving relationship is a loving relationship.

This powerful spell will help you attract a lover of your own sex. At the same time, it can make you much more attractive, self-confident and desirable to people of your own sex.

You deserve to find lasting, true love and to be truly loved. Just order this spell today and your dreams may soon come true.

Booster Spell – £45

There are sometimes occasions when a spell is taking a long time to produce the desired results. Whilst this is very unusual, it can sometimes happen, particularly if there is a lot of outside interference or if things had become too difficult before the original spell was cast. Your booster spell will be performed using totally different ritual methods and more powerful ingredients.

This spell is especially helpful when there may have originally been a curse in place.

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