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Welcome to Your Powerful Spells Website Testimonials!

All of the following two hundred plus genuine testimonials below and on my psychic website are entered manually by the site designers and include all spelling and grammar mistakes as they were written. The site designers can vouch for their authenticity – Email them here

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May I say that all of the rites you have done for us have come to full fruition“!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you, Margaret.


Hi David,
“Wow! The spell worked within a week!
He returned out of the blue…
Thank you so much”.


I pride myself in being a very powerful white witch spell caster. I take my gifts with huge thanks to the Universe and the powerful energy it gives to me. I respect my gifts and all of my clients alike and so it greatly saddens me to see corrupt use of witchcraft by companies and fakes advertising just for gain. They are mainly based in Nigeria and alike, but there are also some right here in the UK. I strongly urge everyone to be very careful when choosing someone to perform their inner personal wishes and desires. Spells are sacred, magical and beautiful. They are not meant to be abused. Fake and scam spell casters will abuse them at their peril. A lot of these scam sites will take your money and then do nothing for you at all. They will also try to guide you to use their scam services by posting fake negative reviews of genuine spell casters. We have no defence from that at all. Anyone can post anything they choose on the internet, whether it is true or false. 

If you order any spells from my extensive spell list, all currencies are automatically converted for you,  so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, and you don’t need a Paypal account. There is an option for you to enter a card number instead.


Stardust Spells UK For Spells That Can Work For You And For Free Spells UK.


The best spell caster for your most effective and powerful spells.


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You can email me now at:-     david@starman.me


260 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Dear David

    Hope you are keeping well. Last night I had a surprise visit from Steven 🥰
    Thanks to you it was so lovely.

    Many thanks


  2. David things seem to be looking up since you did the curse removal spell. Although I am sleeping a lot and feeling very tired and lethargic a lot of positive things are happening around me. Thank you so much for making things a little brighter for me!!

  3. I had a curse removal spell done and luck is changing my brother has spent some quality time with us and is staying for the second weekend in a row which is fantastic. I am feeling very tired and lethargic I do get like this quite often but I am sleeping for hours on end and I am pretty sure it’s all the bad being removed and cleared. Thank you so much David!!

  4. I started working with David from around nov last year /2018
    His spells have already started giving me what I requested
    And his psychic readings have helped me very important decisions and has been of great guidance

    Look forward to benefitting more 🙂

    Address supplied and printed.

  5. Anonymous /ks on said: Edit
    David did spells for my moms health
    I really needed them
    And her condition is as I wanted it to be . We really couldn’t find a cure with doctors
    I would like her good health to be maintained.

    Name and address supplied and printed.

  6. Anonymous /ks on said: Edit
    Have had a few psychic readings with David
    I intend to continue doing it
    The readings can often point out where you need to focus what to improve and how more than you can do it yourself

    From helping build and maintain self confidence to avoiding negative situations and people , the guidance has made such a huge impact in my life.

    Name and address supplied and printed.

  7. Hi Mr Charles,
    I thought I’d send you a different kind of email. Thing are good! I found your site when I 1st moved to Arizona. My sisters and I are all 3 out here 💖 we like to look to the night sky for shooting stars and the beautiful star dust trail makes me smile and think of you.
    Thank you Mr Charles!!!🌼🌺🌻💜

    Sent from Outlook Email App for Android
    Printed and saved

  8. I purchased a self-confidence spell from David. All I can express is that it has already changed my life beyond any dream. I’ve had low esteem throughout it and now white witchcraft has helped transform me.
    I can study with ease, stand up for myself, flirt with women, and talk to anyone with the result of making friends. I am also currently proactive in getting a job and planning to move house. The most amazing thing and recent thing is me quickly overcoming some lifelong self-intimacy and psycho-sexual issues. This completely blew my mind. And it has all been in just 3 months.
    I was never the type to have anything happen to or for him. Now, I feel a path in life is magically forming for me. I have experienced evolution.
    Thank you, David. You are a diamond.

  9. Great person and always happy to help. If I only found him earlier highly recommended.

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