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How long will it take for my spell to work?

Not surprisingly this is the question that a lot of people ask. Spell casting is an art not a science, therefore all spells will vary in the time they take to produce the desired results, depending upon your desires and the severity and complications involved with your personal, particular situation. The time scale can also be affected by the amount of outside interference, from other people, such as ex-wives and partners, friends, in-laws, etc. Your chosen spells will continue to grow in strength for at least six months. They become stronger with each and every day that passes by, they do not become weaker.

Some spells will produce the desired results in just a few hours, whilst others may take weeks or sometimes even months. No one can ever say for sure how long a spell will take to work. I guarantee that I will do my very best work for you at all times.

Remember, you can always call me free. Just click the (Contact Me) button at the top of this page for my all of my numbers including my free phone number.

Each and every one of your chosen spell rituals will include total protection from all curses, negativity and outside influences, just for you.

It doesn’t matter which of my spells you choose, total white witchcraft protection will be yours. I myself have this permanent protection in place at all times. If any person from anywhere in the world attempts to send, nastiness, negativity or curses to me, it immediately bounces back on them three fold. I can and I will do the same for you.

If you would like more specific protection or the removal of an existing curse, then please got to my main spell list.


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Is there a Guarantee of Success?

I guarantee that I will perform my most powerful and comprehensive rituals and ingredients for you at all times. If your spell has not helped you to achieve your desires after three months have passed by I will perform a re-cast for you, with no cost to you whatsoever. However, if this should be the rare case, then please contact me and let me know. It is very important to me that you are completely happy with your results.

No-one can make demands of the wonderful powers of the universe, therefore no spell caster can absolutely guarantee 100% success with every single spell. Any spell caster who claims a 100% successes rate, or offers a money back guarantee is not telling the truth and is almost certainly a fake. Please avoid those kind of websites.


Do you use black magic?

The answer to this question is categorically No I do not and never will use any form of black magic at any time. All of my spells are cast with the dedication, love and warmth that only comes with white magic. This means of course that you will never have to worry about the threefold law of karma.

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Are White Witchcraft Spells Safe?

White witchcraft spells are considered to be 100% safe. Wicca is just another form of religion, as is Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism and of course Christianity. Your spells can help you with all kinds of desires and problems, whether it is finding your one and only true love, improving your finances, or just generally bringing good fortune to you. There are never any dark forces involved in Wicca. Most of the misunderstandings and misinterpretation about witchcraft have been caused by things such as the movies made in Hollywood and elsewhere from the early days of the Wizard of Oz to the present day Harry Potter series.

I use the natural elements of earth, air, fire and water. I do not wear a pointed hat or fly around on a broomstick.


Please take a look at my two hundred plus, genuine testimonials, both on here and on my psychic website which is linked above. 



Will I need a follow-up spell or other purchases?

You will never to be contacted by me for any reason, as your privacy and confidentiality is my main concern. Although around 80% of my clients return to me for a follow-up spell, it is purely because they are so delighted with the results from their previous choices. Therefore, any follow-up purchases will be by your own decision alone.


Will you place a curse on someone for me?

The answer to this question is categorically no. White witchcraft is filled with pure love and it is never used to harm anybody at any time. Although of course I can easily remove any existing curses for you and place protection around you. This will also send any and all existing curses back to the perpetrator. It is worth remembering that each and every spell I provide for you and all of my worldwide clients includes total and complete protection. It doesn’t matter which of my spells you choose, you will gain total protection from all negativity and nasty or jealous people. I myself am lucky to have this protection in place at all times. If any person from anywhere in the world attempts to send any form of nastiness, negativity or curses to me, it bounces back on them three fold.

Just choose the (Curse Removal) spell from my list.

If you would like to discuss your problem or requirements with me, just call one of the numbers on my (Contact Me) page. They are not premium rate numbers and they are not mobile numbers.

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(After we have set some basic industry standards the question still is “Who regularly casts successful spells?” This list has taken months and thousands of dollars in testing, analyzing and waiting for the best results. So now we present a quality list of proven successful spell casters:)

I am so honoured and delighted to be high on their list.

Please feel free to take a look the list on their website on the link below :-


Spell Order Details

Once you have chosen your spell or spells from my website, i.e. love spells, money spells, career spells, curse removal spells, protection spells etc. I will send an email to you asking for a few details, i.e. what you desire to gain from your spells, your star sign and date of birth, and that of any parties involved, (if known). I can then begin your ritual work the same evening, usually during the hours of darkness. If you are still awake, you may just feel the magic, some people say they do! Once your spell work has been completed, I will never store or share your personal details.
To place an order just click the (Buy Now) button on your chosen spells and follow the simple instructions.

Remember, a genuine spell caster will always have proper contact telephone numbers so that you can call and talk to them personally. NOT just a mobile number. A mobile phone number or a contact me box is just not good enough!

You can find all of my phone numbers and even my home address on my (Contact Me) page.


Are your desires of a quite intimate, special and delicate  nature? If so please read through my customised spells at the very top of my spell list and in the exclusive spells section at the very bottom of my list.



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Free Spells

I am also very pleased to offer you free spells at no cost to you whatsoever. If you would like a free spell, just click the (Free Blessing Spell) link at the top of this page.

Allow the powers of the Universe to help you today.

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Deep within it starts to stir
Hidden magick, True and pure.
Hand in hand, Sun and Moon
I begin to dance the wiccan rune
I follow this path it all unfolds
The witch I am, the secrets untold
The power flows around again
Like a circle no start or end
The more I learn the more I see
All that I am, I’m supposed to be
I read, I listen, I pray and understand
To be the best across the land
I free my soul and open my mind
I lose myself in her magickal bind
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
My body, soul, blood and desire
I now breathe air of the finest white
and speak to the spirit within the night
My life has changed I’ve made my choice
I’ve chosen this path and raised my voice.


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