Witchcraft And Sorcery

Witchcraft And Sorcery

White witchcraft is in fact the oldest of all the religions and it goes back thousands of years. It is certainly not anti-Christian and it has nothing to do with Satanism or the Devil. Therefore it can never be used to harm anyone at any time.

Many of the white witches of the olden times were actually the wise elders and healers of their local villages and communities. They would make use of the wonderful magic of the healing herbs and proprieties that were there to be found all around them, which were of course provided by the Mother Earth, as thankfully they still are to this very day.

Sandymouth, CornwallSandymouth Beach. North Cornwall.

“The good luck spell worked wonders and was very quick with working. I have had all kinds of money coming from here and there, just in the nick of time, when I needed to get things paid. I am always grateful to David, for being there in the darkest times in my life”.

Much Thanks, Andrea

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              You can email me now at:-      david@starman.me

              The word witchcraft actually derives from the Anglo-Saxon word Wicca and this word in turn means ‘wise ones’. It has nothing to do with and has no resemblance with the images and miss truths in the movies you may have seen in the cinemas and on your TV screens.
              Witches have been misunderstood and persecuted for many hundreds of years. The wise ones of the 16th century were often raped, tortured and murdered by the so called religious people of the time. The Christian leaders decided that witchcraft and the wise ones were actually a conspiracy against Christianity and so they were made to pay a terrible and wicked price.

              To me witchcraft is much more than an ancient religion, it is a way of life, it is a life long journey, it is a pathway to truth, fulfilment, joy and love. I do not wear a pointed hat, I drive a car, I do not fly around on a broomstick, I do the same things that you and everyone else does and I am seen as just another member of the local community. However, I worship and truly love our Mother Earth and the Universe.

              The following quote has been taken from    


              (After we have set some basic industry standards the question still is “Who regularly casts successful spells?” This list has taken months and thousands of dollars in testing, analyzing and waiting for the best results. So now we present a quality list of proven successful spell casters:)

              I am so honoured and delighted to be high on their approval list. Please feel free to take a look at the list on their website on the link below :-


              My powerful spell casting for you.

              I will always use only the very best ingredients available during performing your rituals, candles, oils, incense, crystals, and many others which will always remain closely guarded secret.

              Above all and at all times I will and must always follow the Wiccan rule “harm ye none”

              Sorcery is really an interaction with nature, the Mother Earth and the treasured and much loved possession of an intimate knowledge of the higher Universal forces.

              Love And Light, David.

              Spell Order Details.

              Once you have ordered your private spell or spells from me I will send an email to you asking you for a few details, i.e. what you desire to gain from the spell, your star sign (if known) and that of any parties involved etc. I can then begin your powerful ritual work the same evening usually during the hours of darkness. If you are still awake, you may just feel the magic, some people say they do.

              All contact you may have with me is private and will remain in total confidence. No one but you will ever need to know. Upon completion of your ritual work, I will never under any circumstances, store or pass on any of your personal details.

              All of your chosen spell rituals will include protection from all curses, outside influences, and negativity.

              It doesn’t matter which of my spells you choose, total white witchcraft protection will be yours. I myself have this permanent protection in place at all times. If any person from anywhere in the world attempts to send nastiness, negativity or curses to me, it immediately bounces back on them three fold. I can and I will do the same for you.

               However, if you would like more specific protection, or the removal of an existing curse, then please please go to my main spell list.

              To order just click on the (Buy Now) button for your chosen spell and follow the simple instructions.

              Please be cautious of so called spell casters who offer a money back guarantee. There is no such thing and I am sorry to say that they are fakes.

               David Charles, Dhp., Chp.

              World Leading International Master White Witch And Consultant Psychic.

              Based in North Devon, England, UK. 

              Serving the UK, the USA and all over the world.

               The Most Powerful & Effective Witchcraft & Protection Spells Available!

              The UK’s Most Loved Psychic And White Witch.

              Master Of Witchcraft.

              The Celebrities First Choice!



              West Down in the snow

              West Down In The Snow. North Devon.

              Remember:- a genuine spell caster will always have a proper contact telephone number so that you can call and speak to them personally. NOT just a mobile number. A mobile phone number or a contact me box is just not good enough!

              Remember, you can find all of my phone numbers, including my free phone number and even my home address on my (Contact Me) page above.

              Softly cross your fingers at the witching hour,
              over fate and fortune the Moon will give you power

              Would you like a psychic reading using runes, crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, crystal ball, etc? Then just click here:-
              David Charles Psychic – Leading UK and International Spiritualist and White Witch

              If you would like to have a chat with me about your desires and problems, just call one of the numbers on my (Contact Me) page. They are not premium rate numbers. My full postal address can also be found there.

              You can choose from love spells, protection spells, money spells, curse removal spells, career spells, lottery spells, casino spells etc.

              Allow the magic powers of the Universe to help you today.

              Please take a look at my two hundred plus, genuine testimonials, both on here and on my psychic website which is linked above. 

              Are your desires of a quite intimate, special and delicate  nature? If so please read through my customised spells at the very top of my spell list and in the exclusive spells section at the very bottom of my list.

              Free Spells

              I am also very pleased to offer you free spells at no cost to you whatsoever. If you would like a free spell, just follow the (Free Blessing Spell) link at the very top of this page.

              Don’t sleepwalk into your future!

              SOLITARY WITCH

              Deep within it starts to stir
              Hidden magick, True and pure.
              Hand in hand, Sun and Moon
              I begin to dance the wiccan rune
              I follow this path it all unfolds
              The witch I am, the secrets untold
              The power flows around again
              Like a circle no start or end
              The more I learn the more I see
              All that I am, I’m supposed to be
              I read, I listen, I pray and understand
              To be the best across the land
              I free my soul and open my mind
              I lose myself in her magickal bind
              Earth, Air, Fire and Water
              My body, soul, blood and desire
              I now breathe air of the finest white
              and speak to the spirit within the night
              My life has changed I’ve made my choice
              I’ve chosen this path and raised my voice.

              The Following Text Has been taken from :- www.reviewingspells@yahoo.com       with grateful thanks.

              With thousands of spiritual light workers to choose from on the internet, the question becomes “Who is the best of the best?” The majority of lightworkers that you will encounter do have some type of ability to help others. It just may or may not be enough to solve the problem that you are having. Researching light workers prior to utilizing their services can help however there are many forums and websites that post false reviews to discredit those that have good reputations in an attempt to redirect customers to the wrong spiritual practitioners. It can become difficult to identify these so here are a few good tips to avoid falling into that trap:-

              1. If a website has nothing but bad reviews and there is an administrator that continuously posts negative comments and/or claims to encourage people to only post the truth but nothing good is said about anyone.
              2. If the stories posted sound too crazy or are posted in anger chances are it could be a trap to give a false impression.
              3. When it is impossible to contact the original person who posted the negative review(s) it is most likely not true.
              4. Reviews that encourage current clients to dispute work that has been done when there is no money back guarantee. Legit spiritual workers never offer a money back guarantee because the quality of their work is high. Experienced practitioners will never work for free under any condition.
              5. Do not use anyone that only offers payment through western union or moneygram. Companies that sign up for credit card processing are always verified.
              6. Do not use anyone that bashes other witches, lightworkers or spiritual practitioners.

              Now that you know what not to look for here are some good tips to find a practitioner that offers a high quality service:-


              1. They stand behind their work and will continue working on your case until you are satisfied.
              2. Longevity has its rewards. Use a service that has been around for a while.
              3. Do not go with someone that promises unrealistic results such as a spell working within 24-48 hours of it being cast.
              4. Use lightworkers that offer some type of tarot or psychic readings. The broader range of services that are offered, the higher quality work you will receive.
              5. Professionalism is important. Use people that speak respectfully and do not use slang with their clients.

              Charles Master Of Witchcraft.

              Serving the UK, the USA and all over the World.

              Spells UK

              Spells US

              Clairvoyant Readings

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