Witchcraft And Sorcery

Witchcraft And Sorcery

White witchcraft is in fact the oldest of all the religions and it originates from thousands of years ago. It is certainly not anti-Christian and it has nothing to do with Satanism or the Devil. Therefore it will never be used to harm anyone at any time. Many of the white witches of the olden times were actually the wise elders and healers of their local villages and communities. They would make use of the wonderful magic of the healing herbs and proprieties that were there to be found all around them, which were of course provided by the Mother Earth, as thankfully they still are to this very day.


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Much Thanks, Andrea.


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An accused witch going through the judgement trial, where she is dunked in water to prove her guilt of practicing witchcraft.


The word witchcraft actually derives from the Anglo-Saxon word Wicca and this word in turn means ‘wise ones’. It has nothing to do with and has no resemblance with the images and miss truths in the movies you may have seen in the cinemas and on your television screens. Witches have been misunderstood and persecuted for many hundreds of years. The wise ones of the 16th century were often raped, tortured and murdered by the (so called) religious people of the time. The Christian leaders decided that witchcraft and the wise ones were actually a conspiracy against Christianity and so they were made to pay a terrible and wicked price.

Besom, besom long and lithe

Made from ash and willow withe

Tied with thongs of willow bark

In running stream and moonset dark.

With a pentagram indighted

As the ritual fire is lighted:

Sweep ye circle, deosil,

Sweep out evil, sweep out ill,

Make the round of the ground

Where we do the lady’s will.

Besom, besom, Lady’s broom

Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom

Rid ye lady’s hallowed ground

Of demons, imps and Hell’s red hound;

Then set ye down on Her green earth,

By running stream or Mistress’ hearth,

Till called once more on Sabbath night

To cleanse once more the dancing site.


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Hi David, I hope this email finds you well

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that your fertility spell has indeed worked. My husband and I are simply stunned and amazed and of course absolutely thrilled.”

With love and thanks, Stephanie and Paul.


To me witchcraft is much more than an ancient religion, it is a way of life, it is a life long journey, it is a pathway to truth, fulfilment, joy and love. I do not wear a pointed hat, I drive a car, I do not fly around on a broomstick, I do the same things that you and everyone else does and I am seen as just another member of the local community. However, I worship and truly love our Mother Earth and the Universe.

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I will always use only the very best ingredients available during performing your rituals, candles, oils, incense, crystals, and many others which will always remain closely guarded secret.

Above all and at all times I will and must always follow the Wiccan rule “harm ye none”

Sorcery is really an interaction with nature, the Mother Earth and the treasured and much loved possession of an intimate knowledge of the higher Universal forces.

Love and light to you today and always, David.


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On 8 Mar 2018, at 20:56, Jayne ******

Hello David it’s Jayne here wanted to contact you again to tell you I have met someone and I am so happy and in a very good place right now. I truly think you are amazing and you have done this for me. I’m hoping it will develop into something more I’m positive about the future now and not upset about the past. You have helped me heal from my bad relationship made me realise I don’t want that again and I am feeling like a different person all I need now is some luck with money.
Love and light to you xxx


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Softly cross your fingers at the witching hour,
over fate and fortune the Moon will give you power


“David is easy to talk to and is simply incredible”! Jenny – Luton


Deep within it starts to stir
Hidden magick, True and pure.
Hand in hand, Sun and Moon
I begin to dance the wiccan rune
I follow this path it all unfolds
The witch I am, the secrets untold
The power flows around again
Like a circle no start or end
The more I learn the more I see
All that I am, I’m supposed to be
I read, I listen, I pray and understand
To be the best across the land
I free my soul and open my mind
I lose myself in her magickal bind
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
My body, soul, blood and desire
I now breathe air of the finest white
and speak to the spirit within the night
My life has changed I’ve made my choice
I’ve chosen this path and raised my voice.

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I pride myself in being a very powerful white witch spell caster. I take my gifts with huge thanks to the Universe and the powerful energy it gives to me. I respect my gifts and all of my clients alike and so it greatly saddens me to see corrupt use of witchcraft by companies and fakes advertising just for gain. They are mainly based in Nigeria and alike, but there are also some right here in the UK. I strongly urge everyone to be very careful when choosing someone to perform their inner personal wishes and desires. Spells are sacred, magical and beautiful. They are not meant to be abused. Fake and scam spell casters will abuse them at their peril. A lot of these scam sites will take your money and then do nothing for you at all. They will also try to guide you to use their scam services by posting fake negative reviews of genuine spell casters. We have no defence from that at all. Anyone can post anything they choose on the internet, whether it is true or false. 


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