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Welcome and congratulations. You have found the website that may just help you to achieve your inner desires when all else may have failed.

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Charles Psychic Hedgewitch and I come from a long line of Witches, Psychics and Clairvoyants. My spells, as my testimonials will tell you have helped many people in so many positive ways. I have been helping people in spiritual and psychic matters for over 30 years now and I could help you too.

I am based in the Southwest of old England. This part of the world steeped in magic, enchantment and legend. The Southwest of England is famous throughout the world for its history of witchcraft, stone circles, the legend of King Arthur, the remains of his castle and of course Merlin's cave. I am very lucky to be a frequent visitor to all of these places.

Hedgewitch David Charles Psychic - Stonehenge - Salisbury
Stonehenge - Salisbury

Your spell will be cast for you during a ritual in woodland with the clean air blowing off the Atlantic Ocean, far away from the stress of the highly populated towns and cities. Your spells may help you achieve your desires. I will begin to cast your spell within 24 hrs of receiving your order.


Remember no-one can make demands of the powers of the universe therefore no spell caster can absolutely guarantee 100% success with every spell.

Spell Order Details.

Once you have ordered your spell or spells from me I will send an email to you asking you for a few details, i.e. what you desire to gain from the spell, your starsign and that of any parties involved etc. I can then begin your ritual work the same evening. Everything is and will remain in total confidence and no-one but you will ever need to know. Upon completion of your spell, I will never store any of your personal details.

www. Stardust Spells .Co. Uk - You can have your online spells with all natural ingredients cast by the best spell caster in the UK.

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On 20 September 2011

A complete redesign of my website especially for you. To aid you to find your desired spell, I have made this site easier for you to navigate.


To order just click on the Buy Now button for your chosen spell or call me on: 01409 24 00 25.




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